• Photo: Bas Loosekoot

  • Photo: Petra Noordkamp

  • Photo: Chantal Heijnen

  • Photo: Fab Rideti

  • Photo: Nathalie Daoust

  • Photo: Viktor Hübner

  • Photo: Popel Coumou

  • Photo: Jeremy de Backer

Bas Losekoot Wins
Somfy Photography Award 2022

On Saturday October 8, the Somfy Photography Award 2022 was awarded to Bas Losekoot in the Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht. With his series ‘The Loop’ he is the winner of the European photography competition. The runner-up prize goes to Popel Coumou with her 3D installation ‘The appearance of light. Light as home’. Both photographers live and work in Amsterdam. The group exhibition can be seen until January 29, 2023.
The Somfy Photography Award 2022 has a first prize of €15,000 and a runner-up prize of €10,000.


The jury consists of Bene Taschen (gallery owner), Roos Schouw (editor-in-chief of Focus Magazine), Paul Kooiker (photographer), André Terlingen (designer and photographer), Huub Koene (initiator and founder of the Award) and Erik de Jong (director of the Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof).


The jury was impressed by the diversity of entries and the personal involvement of the photographers. Bas Losekoot convinced with a distinctive visual presentation. In his series, he shows commuters in the financial district of ‘The Loop’ in Chicago (USA) on their way home from work in the evening rush hour. The consistency and quality of his work betray a tenacity and drive as a photographer. The use of colour and the general atmosphere of the photos ensure that an apparently insignificant event is placed in a new context. The images speak for themselves and activate the viewer to become absorbed in the theme.

First prize winner Bas Losekoot

First prize winner Bas Losekoot in the middle. Left: Bene Taschen (jury chair), right: Sven van Witzenburg (General Manager Somfy Nederland). 

Runner up prize winner Popel Coumou

Runner-up prize winner Popel Coumou, with left Bene Taschen and right Sven van Witzenburg.

Participating photographers

Other participating photographers include Jérémy De Backer (FR), Nathalie Daoust (CAN), Chantal Heijnen (NL), Viktor Hübner (DE), Petra Noordkamp (NL) and Fab Rideti (FR). The finalists have visualized the BACK HOME theme in a new, individual photo series and each have their own space in the museum at their disposal to present the series.

Bas Losekoot

Bas Losekoot

Chantal Heijnen

Chantal Heijnen

Jeremy De Backer

Jeremy De Backer

Fab Rideti

Fab Rideti

Petra Noordkamp

Petra Noordkamp

Popel Coumou

Popel Coumou

Nathalie Daoust

Nathalie Daoust

Viktor Hübner

Viktor Hübner

From left to right in the front: Fab Rideti, Popel Coumou, Huub Koene, Daphne Schrader (organisation Fotomuseum), Sarah Laven (organisation Fotomuseum), Chantal Heijnen. In the back: Erik de Jong, Viktor Hübner, Sven van Witzenburg, Jérémy de Backer and Bas Losekoot.

2022 Theme: Back Home

Due to the past pandemic period, everyone was forced to focus on ‘home’. Suddenly, more time was spent here than ever before. Sleep, eat, study, work, leisure and even vacations. Everyone experienced and endured that period in their own way. But what does it mean to us to be ‘home’ or not to have a house that offers security?

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Somfy 2021/2022 Photography Award
Contest brief

The proven and sustainable technology Somfy implements to and in residences and non-residential buildings contributes to the well-being and comfort of the occupants. It has been shown that people feel happier and more comfortable in buildings that are equipped with Somfy technology. Users of these buildings have higher job satisfaction, are more productive, feel healthier, are better able to concentrate, and have decreased absenteeism due to illness. This also has a major positive impact on residents, patients, travelers, and other people who use these buildings for shorter or longer periods of time. In this way, Somfy brings about significant improvements to the living environment in buildings.

Theme for 2022
“Back Home” is obviously a highly topical theme. By necessity, the home has very much been our focus over the past period. It’s the place where most of us have spent much more time than ever before sleeping, eating, working, doing leisure activities and even spending holidays. This period, where we have been completely dependent on the ‘home’, is slowly ending as society is gradually returning to what we used to call ‘normal life’.

Each person has experienced and gone through the past period in their own individual way. What is it like to be at home? Or to not have a home that offers shelter and protection where you can safely retreat? What does it mean to us to be ‘at home’, how will we remember it? How do people experience the feeling of ‘home’ and how can we convey it in relation to our well-being, protection, and comfort? How does ‘home’ feel, what’s happening there and how does it look?

More than ever, people have come to realise just what work means to them, and consequently, many have become more aware of how comfort and well-being during working hours can impact productivity.
“Back Home” as a theme for the Somfy 2022 Photography Award will be visualized for this photography exhibition by eight selected photographers, whose work should also recognise the core competences Somfy realises in residences and non-residential buildings, i.e. Comfort, Well-being and Sustainability. Each contestant will picture this in their own unique way. The 2021/2022 Somfy Photography Award selection committee would like the candidate participants to give voice to the theme in an individual project proposal.

The photos on display at the final exhibition will be judged by an independent jury.

The “Back Home” photo exhibition will be on display from September until January 29, 2023 at the Fotomuseum in Maastricht (the Netherlands).
The Somfy Photography Award is an initiative of Somfy Nederland.


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6 November 2022

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Somfy is a global company offering a range of innovative and sustainable technological solutions for a comfortable and safe living environment. The biennial photography prize is a Dutch initiative that stimulates the development of photography internationally in an inspiring and creative way.

The Somfy Photography Award is grateful for the support of Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof – Maastricht